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Mobius M108S Trimmer

Mobius M108S USA
  • Mobius designed and built this 108S Trimmer for the cannabis and hemp cultivators that demand high-quality machine trimmed flower without sacrifing speed and volume
  • AirThread Tension Tumblers are dent-proof, rust-proof, and allow for 50% more blade access than other tumblers
  • The M108S has three self-sharpening blade cartridges. Set side by side, they offer 108" of trim opportunity as your flower tumbles. 
  • The integrated vacuum and trim separator reduces footprint and the hose free design makes cleaning easier and faster. 

Mobius brings mechanical trimming to the next level with their M108S Trimmer. This hybrid wet/dry unit possesses some of the most unique and powerful features available in the industry right now. They have made high-quality throughput a priority be integrating a speed control panel for the tumbler, blades and vacuum. Also to help minimize the amount of time your flower has to sped in the tumbler to achieve the high-quality trim you are looking for, they designed the AirThread Tension Tumbler. This patent-pending design is made using a single thread of aircraft grade stainless steel 300 feet long and woven 90 times to make a 36” tube. This makes the tumbler itself dent-proof and rust-proof because it is flexible when removed from the trimmer.  Because of this design, the M108S offers product flowing through it 50% more cutting blade access. That means mess time in the tumbler for the same high level trim and quality you demand.

The M108S is also equipped with three (3) shelf-sharpening blade cartridges that make their TriFlex Trimming System. Each of the cartridges is made of a stainless steel bed bar blade and spinning helical blade that has been nitrided for hardening and black-oxidized for rust prevention. Each blade cartridge is made in house and lifts in and out of the machine for easy assembly/disassembly.

Mobius made the M108S a complete all-in-one system by integrating the trim saver and vacuum inside the trimmer body itself. This reduces footprint greatly and also makes for efficient and easy cleaning since it negates the need for hoses.

Need to go faster? No problem, the 108S can be used in tandem with another 108S to double your throughput and speed!

The M108S ships complete with a Spring Jack, 2 tumblers, 2 trim totes, an infeed hopper, and an outfeed chute.

Power Requirements: 3 Phase, 208V, 22Amps

Vacuum Motor: 5HP

Tumbler Motor:1/8HP

Cutter Motor: 3/4HP

Trim Methodology: Throughput

Wet / Dry Capable: Yes

Construction: Anodized Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Speed Adjustment: 1 - 11

Number of Blades: 3

Blade Treatment: Nitrided

Tool-less Disassembly: Yes

Tandem Ready: Yes

Integrated Tilt Angle: Yes

Tumbler Diameter: 8”

Tumbler Length: 36”

Length/Length with shrouds in place: 43.5” / 77.5”

Width: 43”

Height: 47”

Fits Through a 32” Door: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

Certifications: ETL (CSA & UL Equivalent)

Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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