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  1. Mobius M210 Mill

    Mobius M210 Mill

    • The M210 is a continuous throughput mill that produces material for extraction, pre-rolls, or any other process that demands a fine and consistent grind.
    • Able to accept dry flower and trim of any size, the stainless steel construction is strong, sanitary, and durable.
    • Several screen option are available to fit your process needs
    • Milled material can be caught in the included tote or offloaded with the optional converyor system.
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  2. Mobius MBX Bucker

    Mobius MBX Bucker

    • Mobius made their MBX Bucker is industry's most unique bucker by having an integrated stem chipper. No more sky high mounds of stems to deal with after a session.
    • By being made of 304 stainless steel, safety-first easy-to-clean design, the MBX is desgned to and constructed to be your one and only answer to bucking.
    • The MBX is able to strip wet or dry plant material because of its variable speed adjustment. 
    • Multple available plates are designed to accomodate your plant sizer and moisture level. Off-road wheels can also be purchased for those that wish to process right in the field. 
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  3. Mobius M108S Trimmer

    Mobius M108S Trimmer

    • Mobius designed and built this 108S Trimmer for the cannabis and hemp cultivators that demand high-quality machine trimmed flower without sacrifing speed and volume
    • AirThread Tension Tumblers are dent-proof, rust-proof, and allow for 50% more blade access than other tumblers
    • The M108S has three self-sharpening blade cartridges. Set side by side, they offer 108" of trim opportunity as your flower tumbles. 
    • The integrated vacuum and trim separator reduces footprint and the hose free design makes cleaning easier and faster. 
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Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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