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Wet Vs Dry Machine Trimming: What is Better?

This is a question that I get all the time. And it is usually the first question someone asks me when looking at piece of trimming equipment. I won’t even make you scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answer: It is neither. Or Both. What really matters is what type of variables you have in your own personal process or grow that determines the type of machine to use for cannabis trimming. Factors like how much help you have during harvest, your intended market/product types you wish to focus on and drying/curing space size all get taken into account when answering what type of mechanical trimming (wet vs dry) is best for your grow.

Do you have a large temperature and humidity controlled environment to hang dry whole plants in? No? Then you may want to look at trimming your plants wet since the footprint of trimmed flower spread out to cure and dry is much less than that up hanging them up whole first. Not to mention, once that has happened—you are done! You can then bag, label, go to market or process from there. Most wet trimmers either have constructed large stackable screens in a humidity and temperature controlled area or have an industrial dryer after the trimming process to accelerate the drying stage.

Do you have a reliable 5+ person crew for harvest to help support the machines or is it just you and someone else? Small crew? Then trimming dry is really your best option. During harvest, your biggest task will be getting the plants harvested and hung. You will get the benefit of being able to trim at your own pace, maybe even just to order. The machines in this category are typically less expensive as they have less parts to them. They are also much quieter to operate, making the working environment easier on the ears of the operators. Trimming machines that are wet biased, have large blowers that are generally very loud when turned on.  

On the other hand, if you have a team that can focus on harvest and supporting the bucker and trimmer, I’ll usually recommend that growers then trim wet. Buckers go hand in hand with machine trimmers during harvest. Trimming wet can be much faster and being able to reduce the time and footprint of the curing/drying process gives you an advantage getting to market earlier than those who choose to trim dry without sacrificing quality. Yes, I know that there are those that swear by only trimming dry because they feel trimming wet sacrifices flavor quality. I do believe my friends that say that they can tell the difference, but I cannot.

Some of the leaders in the wet trimming sector are CenturionPro and Twister. Both have been in the business since the beginning of the mechanical cannabis trimming era and both make fantastic machines.

If you choose to look into dry trimmers for your process, Triminator makes a great volume dry trimmer for the money. Hope this helped answer some questions and thanks for reading!


Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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