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A Triminator XL Review: Worth the money?

Hi fellow Trimmers! Jack here, and I’m back with another blog post about cannabis trimming---everyone’s favorite activity.

Yes, trimming cannabis really sucks. That is why we have engineers and technology to create more efficient ways to help us do things that we hate. One of the contraptions that the mechanical cannabis trimming industry has created is called a Dry Tumbler. There are a couple different variations designed for this method of volume cannabis trimming, but the most popular and effective way I’ve used and seen it deployed are from Triminator and Twister. The XL Dry and the BatchOne from each manufacturer respectively, are the most widely used volume mechanical dry trimmers on the market. I have used the Triminator a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I have not used Twister’s version as much (hit me up with a demo machine Twister!) The BatchOne uses the same physics to trim as the XL so I think that they do a comparable job. Triminator also makes smaller, more craft and home-sized dry trimmers, that perform at a high level.

Specifically, this review is based on the XL Dry from Triminator. I’ve used this machine for hundreds of hours, have put all sorts of flower through it, and feel like I have a good idea of what it is capable of and how best to use it.

When properly prepared flower is put into this trimmer, the XL Dry does a great job giving your flower a high-quality machine-trim and doing it quickly. I have seen a lot of strains of all major cannabinoid types go through the unit. It gives a consistent quality level in output and does it in a reliable and easy to maintain package. **Friendly reminder that a lot of the time when troubleshooting why output isn’t up to expectations when using mechanical trimmers, it’s usually the parameters of the input not matching the machine’s operational strength.

I use the XL in a couple different ways, short bursts of time of low chamber volume runs, around 2 pounds of input, or longer 2/3 full chamber runs of about 5-6 pounds per run. You’re going to have to find which works best for you and your process. I typically find that processors that have products destined for the shelf as pure flower prefer the shorter smaller runs. If your goal is high quality extraction, and you have a lot of flower to process, then conversely, high volume longer runs can be achieved as well with good results using the XL Dry.

It’s a very simple machine and I mean that as a compliment to the engineers that made it. I know from personal experience owning a mobile trimming business that it can take a banging and continue to perform. The XL is easy to clean and maintain because the design is simple. It breaks down in 5 minutes and with the proper equipment to clean the parts, like a hot water pressure washer, can be turned around in less than 45 minutes. Cleaning this unit regularly, as with every other type of cannabis plant processing equipment on the market is important.

It uses a low amount of energy to operate-- powered from a 115VAC power source and is quiet when it runs when compared to their wet-biased cousins and their vacuums. The only real complaint I have about it is that the wheels (or at least the ones on the unit I have) don’t swivel. I move mine around a lot and they’d help.

So to answer the question in the title of this blog: is it worth it the money? Yes, absolutely. I have used it for many hours by this point in so many different capacities and it has always performed well. If you’d like to know more about the Triminator XL after reading this, or just have trimming questions in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Thanks for reading and Happy Trimming!

Dealer Day in the Desert II

Jack was lucky enough to be invited out by Eteros for a Dealer Training and Demo Day in Las Vegas last week May 13th and 14th. For those that don't know, Eteros is the parent company of the Mobius and Triminator brands. Both are very strong cannabis processing OEMs in their own right, but now that they are both under the Eteros umbrella both can benefit from advantages the other provides both in the manufacturing and distributing arenas.

The first day was solely devoted to Eteros dealers at their new Las Vegas facility. This facility will be used as a final assembly destination for both brands as well as a stock holding area for US consumer base. About 15 dealers from around the country flew in to meet each other and learn about Mobius/Triminator products. Eteros were fantastic hosts and provided food, drink, and a live demo station for everyone to learn from and enjoy.
The second day of Dealer Day in the Desert II was devoted to the customers. Anyone and everyone interested in trimming and processing cannabis on a macro level was welcome to show up and did they ever. The interest in trimming and processing cannabis is already very high and will only continue to grow as legalization across the US increases.

KLR Farms was nice enough to provide real plant material for the machines to process in front of the crowd. People were excited to see the Mobius M108S in action as well as the Triminator XL. Eteros set up the M108S in tandem with another one as well as an inlet/outlet conveyor system to show what a fully functional system in a facility can look like as well as how efficient and fast this equipment is when implemented correctly. It was a great time had by all!

Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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