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Twister T2 Trimmer (Leaf Collector Version)

  • Standard Leaf Collector Configuration
  • Twister's T2 was designed from the ground up to pass any safety inspection right out of the box
  • Engineered with a 304 SS tumbler, Nitrided steel blades, e-stop, interlocked tumbler gaurd, and fully enclosed end guards
  • Watertight electrical components and motor make clean up easy allowing for high-pressure water to be used.

Twister designed the T2 to output high quality machine-trim at large and commercial-size operations. The T2 can be fed up to 35 lbs/hr wet or 11lbs/hr  dry of bucked material ready to be trimmed. With the ability to be easily connected to 3 other T2 trimmers inline, Twister rates the T2 able to be fed 160 lbs/hr of wet material! The tumbler is made of 304 stanless steel to help mitigate any possible contamination and the Nitride steel blades prevent build-up. The motor and electrical components on the T2 are water tight, making it easy to clean with a pressure washer. Moving the trimmer around is easy no matter inside or out with the standard rugged wheels it comes with. 

Product Number: 02-10006B, 23-0117-00-P

Input Voltage: 120V, 60Hz, Blower Voltage: 240VAC, single phase

Current Draw: 15.5A   

Blade Motor: 1HP, 750W

Blade Speed: 1750 RPM

Tumbler Motor: 1/30 HP, 25W

Tumbler Speed: 75 RPM

Tumbler Diameter: 6in / 10.1cm

Cut Height: .040in / 1mm

Tumbler Slots: 50 x .25” / 0.3cm

Weight: 215lbs / 97.5kg

Shipping Weight (w/ T2-LC): 420lbs / 190kg

Length: 42.5in / 107.9cm

Width: 27.5in / 69.9cm

Height: 32.5in / 82cm

Circuit Breaker: 20A / 120V

Required Connector (plug): NEMA 5-20P

Certifications: CSA Special Inspection


Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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