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Mobius MBX Bucker

Mobius MBX USA
  • Mobius made their MBX Bucker is industry's most unique bucker by having an integrated stem chipper. No more sky high mounds of stems to deal with after a session.
  • By being made of 304 stainless steel, safety-first easy-to-clean design, the MBX is desgned to and constructed to be your one and only answer to bucking.
  • The MBX is able to strip wet or dry plant material because of its variable speed adjustment. 
  • Multple available plates are designed to accomodate your plant sizer and moisture level. Off-road wheels can also be purchased for those that wish to process right in the field. 

The engineers at Mobius made sure that the MBX would stand out from the others when they designed it. It is the only bucker in the industry to have an integrated stem chipper on the output. As your flower and leaf fall through the built-in chute into a bin or optional conveyor system, the MBX chips the stem leaving a much smaller and easier to manage pile at the end of a session and/or cutting down on down time by having to remove them during one. It can handle wet or dry plant material. The MBX Bucker has a high-quality and easy-to-use control panel. The speed of the 1/2 HP motor can be controlled to ensure that the resulting bucked material is still high quality. There are multiple die plates available to feed stems through that range from 4 to 7 feedholes and up to ½” in diameter. The standard non-marking casters the MBX comes sat upon make for easy moving and repositioning.

The integrated stem chipper is controlled by an independent ¾ HP motor. After the flower and leaf have been bucked off the stem, it passes through 2 precision engineered cutting blades. The Mobius MBX is constructed and designed to be the only bucker you will ever need. It is made of 304 stainless steel and can easily be dissembled, and pressure-washer cleaned, the MBX is meant to fit seamlessly into your process. If your outdoor process demands rugged equipment that can withstand working in the field as hard as you do, the MBX can be fitted with outdoor wheels so you can take it into the elements with you.

The Mobius MBX has a safety-first design. The control panel is glove-friendly and has a reverse mode so that any caught material can be safely ejected without having to put any hands near rollers. The MBX come with a standard 1 year factory warranty from Mobius. 

Construction: 304 Stainless Steel

Inner Frame: 6061 Aluminum - Clear Anodized

Rollers: Cast Polyurethane

Hardware: 18-8 Stainless Steel

Speed Adjustments: 1 - 10

Number of Feed Holes: 7

Max Hole Diameter: 1/2”

Integrated Chipper: Yes

Stem Puller Motor: 1/2 HP

Chipper Motor: 3/4 HP

Number of Chipping Blades: 2

Power Requirements: 110V, 15AMPS

Disassembly Tools: 5/32 Allen Key

Fits Through a 32” Door: Yes

Width: 28”

Length: 36”

Height: 50”

Weight: 275lbs

Warranty: 1 year

Certifications: ESA Certification

Accessories Various die plate configurations


Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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