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Mobius M210 Mill

Mobius M210 USA
  • The M210 is a continuous throughput mill that produces material for extraction, pre-rolls, or any other process that demands a fine and consistent grind.
  • Able to accept dry flower and trim of any size, the stainless steel construction is strong, sanitary, and durable.
  • Several screen option are available to fit your process needs
  • Milled material can be caught in the included tote or offloaded with the optional converyor system.

This machine is perfect for extraction facilities or large pre-roll operations. If multiple food processors is not cutting it for your process anymore, Mobius has you covered. Their engineers have developed the M210 Mill for the operation that needs consistent high-quality grind for their process, while minimizing powder. The unit comes with five differently sized screens to match your specific needs. The engineers at Mobius have even gone as far as supplying screens designed for specific types of extraction: Ethanol, CO2, or other hydrocarbon extraction types. The M210 Mill is constructed from 304 stainless steel so GMP compliance comes tight out of the box. Because of its construction, the M210 will be long lasting and durable unit. It is rated by Mobius to process up to 100 pounds of dry material an hour!

The operation of the M210 is user friendly and the unit is largely ready to use out of the box, as there are no set-up steps or adjustments under normal working conditions. The control panel has minimal buttons and an emergency stop. Designed and on casters, the M210 can easily be moved around your facility and through doors without any problems or disassembly.

Cleaning the M210 is easy as well because of its tool-less disassembly. With exception of the motor, gearbox and electrical components, the entire mill can be cleaned using common detergents and disinfectants.  

Something that does not get thought about often is infrastructure requirements before buying a large piece of equipment. With the M210, that is something you do not have to worry about. It runs on 115VAC, no need to upgrade to 240V and a larger circuit!

Inside the box: Mobius 210 Mill, Coarse Blending Screen, Ultra Fine Rasp Screen, Medium Standard Milling Screen. The Mobius M210 Mill also comes standard with a 1 year factory warranty.

Construction: Stainless Steel

Speed Adjustments: 1 - 10

Number of Screens: 7

Feed Motor: 1/2 HP

Number of Milling Blades: 6

Power Requirements: 115V, 6AMPS

Tool-less Disassembly: Yes

Fits Through a 32” Door: Yes

Width: 28”

Length: 28”

Height: 52”

Weight: 265lbs

Warranty: 1 year

Certifications: CE and cLCus Certification

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