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CenturionPro Mini Trimmer

  • Price is for Electropolished tumbler configuration
  • Smaller than the Original in size but still packing a big punch in terms of trimming ability
  • Designed for the operation that needs a maximum quallity and speed mechanical trim, but not at maximum price
  • Ready to process wet or dry flower with just the switch of a tumbler
  • High-quality machine trim from one of the leading manufacturers in the business backed by a 10 year warranty

The CenturtionPro Mini is a choice for those seeking a high quality machine trim at high speeds without the higher cost of the bigger commercial units. The Mini is smaller than the Original but still keeps pace and can change the way you process and trim your harvest. Both wet and dry Electropolish tumblers come with the Mini as standard, so trim whenever you see fit. The tumblers themselves can be upgraded from the standard Electropolish to Quantanuim-coated. The upgraded tumblers reduce the amount of any of your precious trichomes from being left behind and also greatly reduces down-time from cleaning them. The Mini also comes standard with a hopper for ease-of-use, 1.5HP blower, and triple-bag keif collection/leaf separator system. 


Input Voltage: 6Amp – 110V NA | 3Amp – 220V EU/AUS

Dimensions: 25″ L x 10″ W x 35″ H

Weight: 65lbs

Tumbler Diameter: 6.25"

Tumbler Length: 27”

Number of Tumbler: 1 Wet and 1 Dry or 2 Wet or 2 Dry

Cuts Per Minute: 25,000

Warranty: 10 year

Mini Manual (2.81 MB)

Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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