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About Canna-Trim

Canna-Trim is the first business of its kind in New England to offer both local and national cannabis growers a place to go for their cannabis processing equipment and knowledge. No longer do growers have to rely on their hydroponics store or a faceless online distributor for help in finding and getting their equipment. Both of whom may not even know the specifications of the machinery they are selling. There are no nutrients, grow tents or lights in our offering—only what we do best: cannabis processing equipment.

Canna-Trim was created in the Spring of 2019 to serve the Vermont hemp grower. It was founded with the belief that small size growers should have access and opportunity to use equipment that would greatly save them time and money. Using a single mechanical bucker and trimmer, Canna-Trim traveled all over Vermont managing to serve 13 different farms during harvest that year. Since then, we have grown into a business that now rents, sells and services multiple sets of equipment to growers in the area simultaneously using the fastest and highest quality machines available.

Jack's Bio (Owner/Operator):

Jack’s path to creating Canna-Trim started early in his life growing up outside Philadelphia. An entrepreneur in spirit, it took legalization and the right timing for him to leave his engineering job at a company in South Burlington to pursue his passion and start Canna-Trim in 2019. Jack served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter mechanic and completed 2 tours of duty in Iraq during his enlistment. He then moved to Vermont in 2009 to fix planes in the commercial sector and finish his electrical engineering degree, which was completed in 2014. When not working for growers at Canna-Trim, Jack works for his two beautiful children, Levi and Adelaide, at home.

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Beautiful plant shots provided by the folks over at Purple Lark Farm.

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